We are delighted by the excitement and enthusiam Oxfordshire Soup has generated allowing us to continue to deliver exceptional crowdfunding events for the Oxfordshire community. The next Oxfordshire Soup will take place on Tuesday 8th November 2016 at The Bicester School, Bicester, OX26 2NS giving another start-up the opportunity to walk away with great exposure, a support package and approx £1000 (the more tickets we sell, the higher the prize fund).

Our last winner, Catherine Warrilow, will also talk to us about her activities with The Work Experience Project since she won Oxfordshire Soup in June 2016.

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SOUP Prize Package

£1000 cash (approx – the more tickets we sell, the higher the prize)

x1 Strategic Marketing programme – Creating Sense

x1 Mentoring session – The Learning Ladder

Finalists for the November 8th Event Have Been Announced!


Wonky Fruit – Laura Snook, John Cavers, Ashley Cavers
Wonky Fruit is an Oxfordshire business making delicious products from fruit and vegetables that might otherwise fall out of the food chain. The UK alone sees an estimated 40% of fruit and vegetables rejected before they even make it to the shops, yet we know that fruit and veg not pretty enough for the shop shelf are still pretty delicious to eat! We’re on a mission to make use of the ugly onions and imperfect peppers as well as surplus produce left over at the farm or supermarket.


TechPixies – Joy Foster
The TechPixie programme helps women who have been out of work for an extended period of time due to raising children re-enter the work force with top notch digital marketing skills.


Healing Business – Sarah Sienkewicz

Healing Business is for people who have a healing business and for businesses that need healing in three specific ways.

  • Support them to grow their business via 1-1 coaching, book, online programs, networking meetings and business skills training.
  • Provide opportunities to showcase their products and services to the public, e.g The Health and Vitality Show.
  • Create opportunities within local businesses to enhance the health of their employees


9-2-3 Jobs – Helen Wright
9-2-3 Jobs is a boutique recruitment agency specialising in finding flexible work for experienced professionals. Candidates include mums returning to work following a career break as well as others simply seeking a better work-life balance. Passionate about promoting flexible work – whether that’s 9-2-3 hours or full-time agile working. They also host 9-2-3 Networking Events, aimed at enabling like-minded individuals to meet, chat and share experiences in an informal environment. Founded by Oxfordshire mum-of-3, Helen Wright, they’re always open to new candidates as well as businesses looking to tap into this highly skilled pool of talent!

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Our main Partner of the event is no stranger to supporting small businesses.


At Oxford Innovation, we really understand how to make property work – for the building owners, our centre customers, and for regional economic success.

We manage a UK network of Innovation Centres that provides the ideal environment for over 900 start ups and SMEs to grow. Our centres are managed on behalf of public and private sector building owners that require a high quality service that reliably delivers financial returns, whilst contributing to the economic growth of the regions in which we operate.

With over 20 years of experience in running Innovation Centres, we have the experience, the insight and the expertise you are looking for to make your building a long-term success.

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